Paul Fox B.Sc., MA, RP, SEPOlives

Registered Psychotherapist
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Peterborough, Ontario


How do I know if Therapy/Counselling is right for me?

Counselling/Therapy is a great way to sort out the challenges that make our lives difficult. Often we feel we must be strong and prove to the world that we can "do it alone".

Waiting and struggling on your own can be a tragic mistake. Some people suffer for years when help is just "around the corner". 

Can counselling / life coaching / psychotherapy help me? 

Consider these statements:

If you can relate to one or more of these statements, you will most likely benefit from counselling or therapy.


What can I do about it now?

Why continue to suffer?  Don’t wait any longer!

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What you can expect

How does it work? - The 5 Step Plan

  1. We will meet in a comfortable, private, and confidential setting
  2. We talk about your life and your experiences.
  3. We will make specific plans to improve your quality of life in the short term.
  4. We will develop strategies to enhanse and maintain your new life in the long term.
  5. Enjoy your new found freedom

Sacred Journey (181 Wallis Dr., Peterborough)


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Registered Psychotherapist

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